Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Little Black Touch

Black and white. Again. Hahaha. They've been a perfect couple so far. Never go wrong with black and white. And currently I love this kind of white shirt with a little black touch.

-Shirt & Heels : Zara; Skirt : Cotton On-

-Finnaly I get my bang. Hahaha. What do you think? =) -

-Christmas Ornament I bought from Metro for boosting Xmas Spirit-

Anyway I shopped a lot this month *sigh.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's December, Baby! ^^

It's December! Yeayy! So far I know, December has been a favorite month for most people. It's the end of the year with Christmas feeling and decoration in the mall, andddd.. of course lots of sale and holidays! hahaha. Wish to have a magical winter here. =)

  -Wearing my brother's sweater-
 -Still wearing the blue nail color =D -
-Have a nice December ^^-

Monday, November 28, 2011

No Room For the Blues

Of course there is a room for the blues! hahaha. It's just the name of my OPI nail polish. It's an old edition actually, but I just love the blue color of it, so I don't mind to take it home (meaning : buy it immediately since it's the last one in the store). And it does really nice! =D

Just for background, currently I am so crazy into nail polish. I think everyweek I buy new nail polish and change my nail color into the new one. Girls. Hahahaha. But who cares, I buy it with my own money and I love it.

-Forever 21 White Dress; (X)SML Necklace; Zara Blue Blazer & Wedges-

-And.. I really love that necklace..-

-Into this Blue Color-

-Smileeeee... =D -

-"No Room for the Blues" by OPI (taken with my BB camera). What do you think?-

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Irreplaceable One

Do you have something or someone that is irreplaceable? Hahaha. I have been thinking of it lately. I think everyone has it but again it depends on situation and personal choice. We control what we want and life is a choice after all. Hahaha, sorry for talking random things. I am just not in a good mood recently. And here I am, going to get back all the spirit and energy. Good night ;)
-Is it better with Ribbon headband?-

-Or feather headband?-

-The irreplaceable BB pink case (at least until this moment)-

- Zara white dress, cardigan, & heels; (X)SML necklace; Kate Spade bag-

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Never Get Bored

It's always nice to go walk around and take a picture... Seems like never get bored with that. Hahahaha. Anyway, the job is taking my time and my mind a lot... Hahaha, but the good thing is I am happy with current condition. Whenever I'm getting stressful, there's always a sweet gateaway to have a short trip out of the city or just only go shopping with the girls. Have a nice weekend. =D

-Cotton On black top; Shorts from Mum; Kate Spade bag; (X)SML necklace; Rubi flat shoes-

 -Surely it was sparkling night-

 -Have a nice weekend-

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random Things about Life

Today I'm so random, so I'll post another random things about my life recently.. It's random.. really random! so please mind.. =D

1. Went to a friend's wedding last week.. I always love going to a wedding when happy moments are being captured. Hahaha, wondering when will it come to mine? =D
-at the reception desk-
-Taking picture in the photo booth...-

-With the flower and green Zara dress-

2. Had a haircut just today... Finally I cut that long hair, but it's stil long anyway..
-Before and After the haircut : can you see the differences?-

3. Recently falling in love with make up. Hahahaha. Just bought several things too today.
-Bought a brush set.. Voilaaaaa... =D -
-Also bought Make Up Forever UV Primer, well I love the scent and it contains SPF 50 for my daily use-
-Have 4 different Eyeliner : Max Factor, Make Up Forever, Anna Sui, Shiseido. Well, to be honest I love Max Factor eyeliner, easy to use and the price is a bargain-

4. Enjoying the food! =D
-Salted egg yolk prawn is my current favorite meal! The picture in the left is the one from Crystal Jade. And the right picture is Angus beef steak in Singapore-

Last but not least.. Now I'm starving! Hahaha. Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


-This blue Zara blazer is my birthday present from friends. Thanks you, guys! =D -

-Have a good time ^^-

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Brother is My Photographer

Hello! Here I am, back from my long hibernate. I visited Universal Studio, Singapore last weekend with my brother. He became my personal photographer back then. Hehehe. =D

I love being there. Lots of cute places to take pictures. I spent all day long at USS until I have sunburn because of that. But it's okay. Have lots of fun there during this long holiday. I'm absolutely taking a break from stressful world called works.

Anyway, here I share my vacation pictures at USS. Lots of pictures warning. =P
-Topshop shirt; Aldo sandals; my fave shorts from Mum-

-My Hair still isn't that long enough like Rapunzel's-
-Feeling so small between the dino statues-
-Taking a ride-
-Ancient Egypt is one of my favourite-
-With King Julien and my brother-
-New York New York New York-

Next trip : I really want to go to Disneyland now. Saving some money for the next travel! ^^v