Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!! =)

Happy 2011!! And merry xmas too (although it's kindda late for xmas thing... hahaha) ^^v
Whew.. Hardly can believe it's another new year again! Time really flies so fast that I can't imagine I am going to be 23 this year. It's my sixth month too in the company (which I thought it's still my first month, lol). My boss gave me some quite remarkable words: 'you've been in the company for 6 months already, and without notice, suddenly it will become 6 years!" (Hahaha, so I'll be 29 y.o without notice, eh?? But I do really thank for the words, means a lot to me)

-White Shirt & Skinny Blue Jeans.. Now I like to wear Jeans to enjoy the casual days! hahaha-

Anyway, how did you spend the NY eve? I spent my time with my bf, eating sushi and watching fireworks. I somehow enjoy watching the fireworks, just like a little girl. But that makes the night different from the other night, right? Happy new year, guys! =P



  1. yessy happy new year for you darl :)
    love the blouse.semangat ya bntr lg 23th.

  2. happy new year kak! lovin your style!

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  3. simply but cute ;)

  4. nice :)

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  5. lovely pic! merry christmas & happy new year! :)

  6. love the ruffled blouse :) happy belated new yearrrrr