Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time to Be Younger...

There is always a time when people are feeling younger and childish. For me, it's when I have a reunion with my school or college friends. I am feeling the tension of growing up in my office, surrounded with these and those things. So when I had a reunion with the old pals at Marche, I enjoyed the younger version of me. =D

I do like the ambience of Marche, actually kindda being in somewhere else, not in the mall. There are lots of unique spots. Too bad I didn't bring my camera. All the pictures below are from my friend's digicam. Enjoy!

-Taking Picture with 'Mr. Cow'-

-I think I am getting skinnier now-

- Hello Ladies! =D -

-Actually, I'm feeling like in eat and eat with better version-

-(X)SML tee, Zara Jeans, Schutz Clogs-


  1. You are so preety :) I love your shoes ;) i linked you. mind to link me back?

  2. yessica how are you? love your XSML tee..
    and yes you getting skinnier now... you are more pretty now

  3. You're adorable! Love the photos. :)

  4. hi,nice photoshoot. btw would you mind to check out my blog too? follow me, and i'll follow u back,,

    be nice to share!

  5. clogs loe lucuuuu yess :)
    btw kita blm perna ketemuan nihh..hehe

  6. looks like you're having a great time!!
    you look adorable and marche is one of my fave resto hihi


  7. you look great
    check out mine if you have time :)
    i would be happy if you give sweets too
    we could be friends and follow each other

  8. Yeeep.. you look slimmer and I envy you for thaaat! Whaaa.. :)

    The Picnic Girl

  9. looks like you had fun! and it's always good times when you are with old friends :)

  10. you look so pretty. i love your shoes <3
    i like your blog and now following you. follow back? :)

  11. super duper love your heels, ci! and yessss, you looks skinnier, but still awesome :p