Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunburn From Phi Phi

So here is the story... I had three days vacation from Phi Phi and Phuket. The wind was so cool on the boat so I didn't realize that the sun really burned my skin. In fact now I have this sunburn over my face and body. Hahahaha.

I don't like Phuket that much, but I do love Phi Phi... The beach is very mesmerizing during the afternoon. The clear water and the white sands are just too perfect! And Thai food is never dissapointed us. Love their sweet chilli sauce!

We stayed at Zeavola, a quite and exotic resort I could say. It has private beach, the food is great with quite reasonable price (around 100 - 120k Rupiah for a person). They also gave us great service. Surprisingly they have outdoor shower too in every room. Fantastic view during the day, but at night it reminds me of my live-in (somewhere in the small village near the woods). The resort is quite hard to achieve, we should take a boat again from Phi Phi Port which costed us around 300k Rupiah one way trip. And I hardly could get mobile signal from there. Hahaha, I think it is perfect for honeymoon couple who want relaxing time and sweet escape from outside. So it's kindda funny to think that we are three girls staying at that resort in the middle of honeymoon couples. Memorable enough for me! =D

-The beach at Phi Phi island-

-Dress : Miss Selfridge, T-Bar Sandals : Aldo, Beach Bag : from the hotel-

-In front of our room at Zeavola-

-Perfect white sands and blue water-

-Having American Breakfast-

-Fish in sweet chilli sauce from Patong Seafood-

-Sitting on the boat.. This was the time when I got the sunburn very badly-

- On a Canoe -

-Dinner at Zeavola Resto-


  1. This is funny. Your blog is being linked to at google finance on the summary page for Philippine Long Distance Telecom (PHI)

  2. VERY PRETTY ! wonderful ! I love your blog ! I am FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG! do you mind to follow back also ? If it is okay ? thank you :))

  3. Somebody please take me there alsoooo!! :p
    love the pics xx

  4. wow amazing photos!! this place is paradise <3 and love your outfits :)

  5. such lovely pics!! you dress is so pretty! :)


  6. lovely pics, and really cute dress <3

  7. woooow! i want to go to Phi phi island too >.< the place is soo beautifull..
    and great photos as usual yessi.. are you use 50mm f/1.8 lens?

  8. wow! wonderful views!
    seems you really enjoying the holiday! that's great!
    nice floral dress :)

  9. You look wonderful! I adore all your clothing - especially that dress!

  10. Hoe lovely and romantic looking. You look amazing too.

    Write it in Lipstick

    i'm a follower I hope you can follow back

  11. How fuun! that beach is so beautiful, isn't it?

    The Picnic Girl

  12. the floral dress is so beautiful! and the photos are great as always :)

  13. such a beautiful beach.. i love the third pic :) the floral dress really sweet, ci..

  14. I am loving your dress! So cute, perfect for summer. Your sandal is cute too. :)