Sunday, May 8, 2011

Extraordinary Food in Hang Zhou

One thing that I remember the most about Hang Zhou is the FOOD! hahaha, yes!! I don't know how to call it, sometimes the food is very good indeed, sometimes it's yuck to the max! First of all, the rice is like a dessert because they serve it at the end. Lots of coconut milk drink, I guess they like it so much. Hahahaha, not being too overrated about it, but here are some of the pictures :

 - I love this one so much! shrimp with chicken consomme-

 -Pigeon! No comment-

 -Appetizer! I just love the mushroom, the middle one-

 -they served a raw shrimp in some kind of sauce. Never try it, people-

 -At least the salmon sashimi is delicious! ^^-

-Another raw thing, this one is crab-

 -Lastly, this one I thought a mushroom soup, but you guess what... This is not a mushroom, but some kind of vegetation that comes from the West Lake (famous spot in HangZhou)-

Have a nice day, Guys!

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  1. Love this post! <3 Awesome food :9