Sunday, May 1, 2011

Walking Around Shanghai

Had great 4 days in Shanghai last week! Prepare for lots of pictures below..

Love : the weather, the old architecture, the shopping places, lots of cute things, the milk tea, the modern train and buildings.

Hate : Chinese language which I don't understand, walking (soooooo tired!), limited access to the social network (including blogger, facebook, and twitter)

Overall : Wanna go there again! =D

 -This is what I hate : walking around-

 -The telephone booth is so cute right? hahaha-

-At YuYuan during mid day-

 -Cute statue in front of H&M store-

 -I bought this summer hat back in Shanghai, lucky it can fit into my baggage-
 -At YuYuan during night.. It's much more beautiful, isn't it?-

 -Cute things!-

 -Fascinating building! It's actually a lounge with great decoration-


-I love this place!-
-Meeting Alvi too at Shanghai.. Let's meet another time at Jakarta! ^^-
-Breezy night-

-Have a nice day, guys!!-


  1. love all your outfit yess aplg floral dress :)

    lets we meet juga ya..

  2. Love your outfits! Great pictures, hope you were having a great time! <3


  3. omg, the weather seems better than last March! :D so good!
    loving your cardigan and the hat! :D you look great! :)

  4. wah asiknya jalan jalan terus... great photos and shanghai such a great pleace i think... what did you buy in H&M store.. *just wanna know* LOL! ;p

  5. looks like so much fun there.. want to go there so bad!!

    The Picnic Girl

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  6. beautiful shanghai :)
    wish I could go there too..

    xoxo, Beauty Splashes

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  7. shanghai looks pretty nice (esp. the weather & the stores!) :) loove your outfits anyway!

  8. Love ur pics and share your loves of China but I do have to add to the hates real Chinese food. I was in Beijing and I've heard Shanghai is a bit more Western but the only thing I could really hold down was the rice which was delicious. Tea shops were so cute and their Vogue came with presents!

  9. nice meeting you yessy! kapan2 kita ketemuan lagi yakkkkk :D