Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 Nights in A Row

Spent 3 nights in Bali. My friend and I just wandered around cafes and resto. Hahaha, how i wish to have this kind of life everyday, without worrying about works and so on. And the silly thing about this vacation IS : just only me and Yoan *again*. Duh! (Reminds me of what happened in Phuket too!) In this case the other two friends canceled the trip just 12 hours before the flight. Hahahaha.. and so here we go, two girls wandered around Bali! =D

-Topshop dress, Aldo sandals, H&M bag-

- Day 1 : Potato Head -

- Mango and Lychee -

- Still on day 1 : Cocoon -

- Loving this place because I could lay down beside the pool and enjoy the night ^^ -

- Day 2 : Jimbaran, always waiting so long for the food, smoke everywhere, but the seafood taste soooooo good!-

- Day 2 : SOS Bar.. I bet this place is great during the sunset... we can see the beach from the 4th floor-

- With Yoan... My partner in crime when it goes to travelling hahahaha -


- SOS Bar -

The third night, we visited KuDeTa, but didn't take picture because so dark. If you asked me what is the most fave cafe among these.. I bet to say it is Cocoon. Because it is calm and I can really enjoy the night. But everyone has their own preferences! Have a nice day! =D


  1. Love all your outfits especially the dress with yellow cardigan! I want a yellow cardigan but I could not find the perfect one here in Manila. :)

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Love your Topshop dress a lot and Coccoon looks like a great place! X

  3. kok jalan2 trs sihhh! hahahahah Gila lu bnr2 petualang abs deh yes.. hahahah