Thursday, June 2, 2011


Have you ever been abandoned? Not talking about myself, I'm talking about an abandoned house. When i was in Bali, I stayed at my friend's villa. It's a very nice house, but it's abandoned. It's actually her uncle's house who died because of cancer 4 years ago. Since her uncle wasn't married, so the house is abandoned just like that. I bet the house is very beautiful in the past. Every house has its own story, I guess. This time is a sad ending though.

Now I am sharing you the pictures :

-Taking a pose at my friend's villa in Bali. 

-This one is at Ayana, Bali-

-Ayana Resort, Bali. Took this picture when I was waiting for the massage =D -

-Pink Hat : bought in ShangHai; stripes top and bag : H&M; shorts : Urban Renewal-

-Looking at the chapel.. Someday I want to marry in Bali hahaha-


  1. Wow, it looks beautiful!
    Great outfit, too. The colour looks lovely on you.

    x Michelle |

  2. yessyyy!! aa lama ga berbincang2 ya..kynya km jalan jalan terus deh yes.haha. cute top hat and short mau semua :D
    btw ocha bella itu dimana yes? bagus bgt yaa..

  3. yesss, kaos lo lucuk!! -lovi- :D