Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beautiful Heritage of Borobudur

Despite of the super massive hot weather and the crowded people, I enjoyed my time at Borobudur, Jogjakarta. Well, nothing beats quality time with friends and the team. =D

-Extremely HOT-

-No, we were not watching him, but we were looking at the camera-

-Still AMAZED how to build this gigantic one-

-Colorful umbrellas everywhere-

-Happy as always =D -

-Taking a pose-

-The team ^^ -


  1. aw, you look really pretty. and this place looks amazing! loving all the umbrellas!

  2. wow you have such an amazing trip! by the way exchange link will be nice! :) if u put my link, I make sure I'll do the same :) :0

  3. love the background and your gorgeous sunglasses! Looks like you're enjoying the heat!

  4. what an amzing trip that you have! its been a long time for me since the last time i visit this place:)