Sunday, July 10, 2011

When Men Shop For a Woman

What will happen if men shop for a woman? Lol. This idea came up at my company trip to Bandung last month. So there was amazing race, and the last stop was at Rumah Mode Factory Outlet. All men in the group had to shop for a woman who would wear the outfit and do the catwalk at the night. And the team choosed me as the 'model'. They were given 400k IDR, if I'm not mistaken, for the shopping spree.

So here is the result for the theme 'night at the city' :

-Hahaha I have no further comment... This is just for fun and laugh... Lol-
And here are some pictures at Padma Hotel, Bandung where we stayed for 1 night. It is a great hotel at the cliff, I really enjoyed the view from the room and the restaurant. I do recommend the hotel, despite of the location that is quite hard to get there. I didn't bring my camera, but the pictures here are from my friend's camera.
-in front of the pool-
-Have a nice day-


  1. haha, great idea- looks like they didn't actually do too badly! you look really pretty in the other pics aswell.

  2. lols, wht a brilliant idea ;) you look gorgeous in tht stage anyway :)

  3. they do it well :) you look a likeprofesional model in that stage...

  4. Funny idea I am wondering how will it be if my boyfriends shop for me, It'll be such a disaster I think :p

  5. Great idea! You're a gorgeous model and love the photos :)

  6. oh it looks like such a great trip to bandung!
    hope we can meet the next time i drop by jkt ya yessi
    take care


    style frontier

  7. i love your hair and the cute chair on the last photo makes me want to take it home with me!haha

  8. shop with us :) many korean trendy item .. grab fasssttt


  9. hay. I like your shoot in this post. Thx for Hotel's recomended