Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Brother is My Photographer

Hello! Here I am, back from my long hibernate. I visited Universal Studio, Singapore last weekend with my brother. He became my personal photographer back then. Hehehe. =D

I love being there. Lots of cute places to take pictures. I spent all day long at USS until I have sunburn because of that. But it's okay. Have lots of fun there during this long holiday. I'm absolutely taking a break from stressful world called works.

Anyway, here I share my vacation pictures at USS. Lots of pictures warning. =P
-Topshop shirt; Aldo sandals; my fave shorts from Mum-

-My Hair still isn't that long enough like Rapunzel's-
-Feeling so small between the dino statues-
-Taking a ride-
-Ancient Egypt is one of my favourite-
-With King Julien and my brother-
-New York New York New York-

Next trip : I really want to go to Disneyland now. Saving some money for the next travel! ^^v


  1. Welcome back :D
    i was in USS last month with my Boyfriend on his bday ehhe .. it was fun :)
    seems like u had fun too!

    we´re planning on going to Disneyland in two years ;D

  2. mirippp sm brothermuuu :)


  3. Did you play the roller coaster ride? It was a thrill!!:p
    Anyway, I adore ur turquoise bag <3
    Want to follow each other?