Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lonely Saturday Night

I am not trying to be melancholic now, but I think it's just how I feel lately. So much complicated things in life recently. Is it right that there is time when you don't know what you really want and what you are into... Whether it's right or wrong, I do miss you...

-Love these wedges, so comfy!-

- Hope you enjoy your Saturday Night =) -

Monday, February 21, 2011


I am in these uncertainties because we are heading nowhere... But I am having a good time in my life right now, dear... Cheers! ;)

- Bodycon skirt can really makes the sophisticated looks, especially if you pair it with loose shirt-

- Recently I'm falling in love with brown shirt.. Hello Brown! ;) -

-Dress : Miss Selfridge; Clogs: Schutz-

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Famous Little Red Box

Happy Valentine's day all! Hope you enjoy your Val's day. Mine was great. I spent it with the girls. We had dinner at Tesate, Plaza Senayan after the office hour. I could say it is one of the fine Indonesian cuisine restaurants in the city.

-The Famous Little Red Box at the day. Lol-

-Each one of us has taken a picture with this red box, including me. So you can figure how famous this little box is. Hehe-

-Four single, happy, and beautiful ladies ;) -

-Crazy crazy little things-

And here are the food pictures... I hadn't taken any pictures with my camera for quite a long time before I took these.. Hope you still enjoy! =D

-Tahu Pong-

-Rujak Penganten (I usually don't like this kind of food, but this one is tasty enough)-

-Ayam Taliwang (sweet and smooth.. Nice to try)-

-Tahu Telor & Sayur Asem (with big prawn)-

And this last picture of mine below is taken from Tesate's entrance alley. Entering this alley, make me think like entering a club or something, but when you see the inside, the ambience is totally different.

- Red bandage skirt and long cardigan =D -