Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coffee and Love

Do you wonder what is the correlation of coffee and love? The postcard that I found from one coffee shop at Phuket, reveals it : "Coffee and love are best when they are hot"

Do you agree with it?

I personally quite agree with the quote somehow. Hahaha, it's a pity to remember the past. At the beginning of a relationship, it's always filled with lots of love and affections. After a period of time, the relationship can be changed, I can say it is not hot as before. I don't understand but people tend to be more ignorant after they get what they want... Or maybe sometimes we're human who can be bored. Maximum utility is reached at the beginning, like if we are thirsty, a glass of cold water will be very satisfied at the first or second glass... But until one point, the third or even fourth glass will not be satisfied anymore. Hahaha, but can I just justify love with that kind of thing?

Love is not an easy thing to be defined. And it's not an easy thing too if you say you forget what you said before. Still, after twenty two years living, I still don't understand the feeling. Maybe I prefer cold cappuccino instead of a cup of hot coffee!

It could be the best coffee I've ever tasted too , right? And not always hot! Full of complexities and possibilities! Hahahaha. Good night, people! ;)

-The postcard I am talking about, unfortunately, it's not really clear because the blurred image-

-Sharing you the last set of my pictures from Phuket-

-Big ship in a middle of a mall-

-Wearing : fave (x)sml tee, high waist pants, Mango bag-

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sunburn From Phi Phi

So here is the story... I had three days vacation from Phi Phi and Phuket. The wind was so cool on the boat so I didn't realize that the sun really burned my skin. In fact now I have this sunburn over my face and body. Hahahaha.

I don't like Phuket that much, but I do love Phi Phi... The beach is very mesmerizing during the afternoon. The clear water and the white sands are just too perfect! And Thai food is never dissapointed us. Love their sweet chilli sauce!

We stayed at Zeavola, a quite and exotic resort I could say. It has private beach, the food is great with quite reasonable price (around 100 - 120k Rupiah for a person). They also gave us great service. Surprisingly they have outdoor shower too in every room. Fantastic view during the day, but at night it reminds me of my live-in (somewhere in the small village near the woods). The resort is quite hard to achieve, we should take a boat again from Phi Phi Port which costed us around 300k Rupiah one way trip. And I hardly could get mobile signal from there. Hahaha, I think it is perfect for honeymoon couple who want relaxing time and sweet escape from outside. So it's kindda funny to think that we are three girls staying at that resort in the middle of honeymoon couples. Memorable enough for me! =D

-The beach at Phi Phi island-

-Dress : Miss Selfridge, T-Bar Sandals : Aldo, Beach Bag : from the hotel-

-In front of our room at Zeavola-

-Perfect white sands and blue water-

-Having American Breakfast-

-Fish in sweet chilli sauce from Patong Seafood-

-Sitting on the boat.. This was the time when I got the sunburn very badly-

- On a Canoe -

-Dinner at Zeavola Resto-

Monday, March 21, 2011

Guessing is Hard

I had good times for last couple days... Vacation is one of the best things happened in life. Well, at least for me... Hahaha. It can boost up my mood especially after some series of stressful and overloading works. And whenever it involves with the beach and the sunlight, I will always fall in love with it. Will post my three days vacation soon. I am going to bed... Good night, People! Have a good day for tomorrow! =D

-Enjoying my quality time with delicious pizza and milkshake ^^-

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday - After Work

If you wonder how my look after work is... the pictures below can judge it.. ;)

I can tell that I am officially a fan of Marche mushroom soup now. Hahahaha. And I am suggesting all of you don't order too much at Marche,,, I know everything looks tempting and interesting there, seems like you want to order everything and so on, but believe me when the food has arrived, suddenly feel "Hey! i ordered too much.. Now I can't finish them all". Happened to me! =P

-Marche, Grand Indo-

-Silly Face hahaha-

-Roasted Chicken 39k with Mashed Potato 12k-

-Through the mirror-

-Hahaha, i love this picture...-

-And... the look of my tired face after work =( I am going to sleep right away-

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I do miss all the time back then... Hahahaha. But I think everybody always misses the old time, and sometimes forgets the present. Last Friday, I was aware something that I love about my job : my customer! hahaha, seriously, they are so nice and funny, I might say. Sometimes I feel so stressed out about the jobs and so on, but in my lowest and bad mood, after a meeting with them, I do have a better feeling. And I surely say that I am going to miss them someday. Someday that I wish don't come fast... =)

-Hello, March! Time surely flies so fast-

-I'm officially missing that old time-

-Sweet delights! But not mine... hahahaha-

-Dress&Cardigan : Zara, Shoes : Pedro-

My thoughts : It's always nice to wear a dress and long cardigan when have no idea what to wear..