Sunday, April 17, 2011

Simply Blue

I always love to wear plaid pattern! Sometimes a shirt looks too formal, but when it comes to a plaid shirt, there's always a touch of casual thing. Also, the look is not too plain when we are playing with the pattern. Like this shirt I am wearing, it just reminds me of a picnic or a relaxing time. But please, don't count the green one, 'coz it will definitely remind me of my high school skirt. Hahahaha.

-Body & Soul blue shirt-

-My room is totally in love with pink.. And now I am dizzy with it! Hahaha-

Anyway, I am using this H2O body butter. A friend of mine recommended it. I am personally satisfied with the product itself. It is really moisturizing my skin after the sunburn, but it isn't whitening my skin. Just recommended for moisturizing, not whitening!

PS : I am going to Shanghai next week. Excited enough! =D

Saturday, April 16, 2011


- I know I look so tanned right now, in a bad way T.T -

-Black dress is never wrong, isn't it?-

 -(X)SML black dress; H&M leopard wedges; Aldo Necklace, Sash Belt-

After almost a month coming back from Phuket, my skin is still tanned *in a bad way though*. Haih... Actually I don't care a lot since I know it will become fair again someday (which I personally don't know exactly when. Lols). At least I learn something : don't do sunbathing again.

Anyway, I am using my old Sony digicam for these pictures above. Doing something like downgrading from dslr to a digicam. But I miss that digicam so I took some pictures with it. Digicam is much easier to bring, very light, and you don't have to worry about the focus, etc. Downgrading is not always bad in the end. =D

Have a nice weekend, people!