Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ocha Bella

Last week, I went to Ocha Bella with my office friends. The place is very nice indeed... You can enjoy Japanese and Italian food here. Enjoy the pictures!

-Ocha & Bella-

-The lychee ice tea is nice to try!-

-Gray and Black... hahaha-

-Open kitchen-

And here is my fave thing about Ocha Bella : the garden! hahaha, i am feeling like in such a garden party... Unfortunately it's very hot at the outside, and quite noisy (you can hear lots of car passing by). But I am so happy to see the pictures... =D

-Dress : Dorothy Perkins, Necklace : bought in China, Flats : Zara TRF, watch : Swatch-

-It's like a big bird nest! Very niceeee...-


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Routine

Last weekend, I spent my time with my high school friends. Hahaha, it's always nice to meet up your friends, isn't it? It's becoming my new routine to meet my friends during the weekend. Go and meet your friends, guys! =D

Have a nice weekend!

-With Vane and Yoan-

-With Cindy and JU ^^-

-Five of us-

-Top and shorts : Urban Renewal; Shoes : Pedro-

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hang Zhou

DAY 1 :
-Got this tired look after riding bicycle around West Lake-

-Three of us in front of West Lake-

-Took a picture before sleep-

-I got this whole room by myself! Hahaha-

-Nice, isn't it?-

DAY 2 :
-Lunch meeting at the hotel-

- I look so small in front of the hotel... and an Audi car! (lol)-

-Landison Resort-

-With Olivia during dinner-

DAY 3 :

- Somehow I love this picture! -

-end of my trip to China-

Extraordinary Food in Hang Zhou

One thing that I remember the most about Hang Zhou is the FOOD! hahaha, yes!! I don't know how to call it, sometimes the food is very good indeed, sometimes it's yuck to the max! First of all, the rice is like a dessert because they serve it at the end. Lots of coconut milk drink, I guess they like it so much. Hahahaha, not being too overrated about it, but here are some of the pictures :

 - I love this one so much! shrimp with chicken consomme-

 -Pigeon! No comment-

 -Appetizer! I just love the mushroom, the middle one-

 -they served a raw shrimp in some kind of sauce. Never try it, people-

 -At least the salmon sashimi is delicious! ^^-

-Another raw thing, this one is crab-

 -Lastly, this one I thought a mushroom soup, but you guess what... This is not a mushroom, but some kind of vegetation that comes from the West Lake (famous spot in HangZhou)-

Have a nice day, Guys!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Walking Around Shanghai

Had great 4 days in Shanghai last week! Prepare for lots of pictures below..

Love : the weather, the old architecture, the shopping places, lots of cute things, the milk tea, the modern train and buildings.

Hate : Chinese language which I don't understand, walking (soooooo tired!), limited access to the social network (including blogger, facebook, and twitter)

Overall : Wanna go there again! =D

 -This is what I hate : walking around-

 -The telephone booth is so cute right? hahaha-

-At YuYuan during mid day-

 -Cute statue in front of H&M store-

 -I bought this summer hat back in Shanghai, lucky it can fit into my baggage-
 -At YuYuan during night.. It's much more beautiful, isn't it?-

 -Cute things!-

 -Fascinating building! It's actually a lounge with great decoration-


-I love this place!-
-Meeting Alvi too at Shanghai.. Let's meet another time at Jakarta! ^^-
-Breezy night-

-Have a nice day, guys!!-