Saturday, September 17, 2011

Random Things about Life

Today I'm so random, so I'll post another random things about my life recently.. It's random.. really random! so please mind.. =D

1. Went to a friend's wedding last week.. I always love going to a wedding when happy moments are being captured. Hahaha, wondering when will it come to mine? =D
-at the reception desk-
-Taking picture in the photo booth...-

-With the flower and green Zara dress-

2. Had a haircut just today... Finally I cut that long hair, but it's stil long anyway..
-Before and After the haircut : can you see the differences?-

3. Recently falling in love with make up. Hahahaha. Just bought several things too today.
-Bought a brush set.. Voilaaaaa... =D -
-Also bought Make Up Forever UV Primer, well I love the scent and it contains SPF 50 for my daily use-
-Have 4 different Eyeliner : Max Factor, Make Up Forever, Anna Sui, Shiseido. Well, to be honest I love Max Factor eyeliner, easy to use and the price is a bargain-

4. Enjoying the food! =D
-Salted egg yolk prawn is my current favorite meal! The picture in the left is the one from Crystal Jade. And the right picture is Angus beef steak in Singapore-

Last but not least.. Now I'm starving! Hahaha. Have a nice weekend!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


-This blue Zara blazer is my birthday present from friends. Thanks you, guys! =D -

-Have a good time ^^-