Monday, November 28, 2011

No Room For the Blues

Of course there is a room for the blues! hahaha. It's just the name of my OPI nail polish. It's an old edition actually, but I just love the blue color of it, so I don't mind to take it home (meaning : buy it immediately since it's the last one in the store). And it does really nice! =D

Just for background, currently I am so crazy into nail polish. I think everyweek I buy new nail polish and change my nail color into the new one. Girls. Hahahaha. But who cares, I buy it with my own money and I love it.

-Forever 21 White Dress; (X)SML Necklace; Zara Blue Blazer & Wedges-

-And.. I really love that necklace..-

-Into this Blue Color-

-Smileeeee... =D -

-"No Room for the Blues" by OPI (taken with my BB camera). What do you think?-

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Irreplaceable One

Do you have something or someone that is irreplaceable? Hahaha. I have been thinking of it lately. I think everyone has it but again it depends on situation and personal choice. We control what we want and life is a choice after all. Hahaha, sorry for talking random things. I am just not in a good mood recently. And here I am, going to get back all the spirit and energy. Good night ;)
-Is it better with Ribbon headband?-

-Or feather headband?-

-The irreplaceable BB pink case (at least until this moment)-

- Zara white dress, cardigan, & heels; (X)SML necklace; Kate Spade bag-