Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh... It's So Green!

Hi! How are you guys doing? I've just got back to the office after 2 weeks sick leave. Feel awkward somehow... And I am soooooo skiny, lost 4kg and it's so hard to gain my weight back. :( Anyway, here are pictures taken last week. The photographer is my friend, and no editing since I don't have time. But I like the pictures sooooo much. Thank you. :D.

 -Feels like in the playground, eh?-

-My Silly Face-
-I like this picture so much.. hahahah it's cute!-
-With the taupe nail color if you can see-

-If you are looking for affordable and comfortable flat shoes, Rubi is the answer!-

-Green Dress; Rubi Flats; (X)SML necklace-