Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Same Shoes Same Bag

This is the same time, same location, same bag, and same shoes as the previous post. Only changed the clothes and added some accessories. I personally think that this dress makes me more mature, but I'm 24 this year, I think it's time to dress up more mature and simple. For all the photos, I give my best regards to my friend, Robin Sanjaya. Merci. ;)
-I love accessories in black as you can see,,, the bag, shoes, belt, bracelet, and the necklace-

- The idea of this hair is coming from my friend. I'm feeling like a teenager with hair style like this-

-More comfortable with hair style like this. Whenever you have a bad hair day, just tie your hair-

- I think this is my favourite necklace ever :) -

-Please mind the crazy pose! hahahha-
-Have a nice day! -

Anyway, for you who asked what shampoo and conditioner that I use, I use Pantene AD Shampoo with Pantene Nature Care Jar Treatment (I replace the conditioner with this jar treatment because I know it has more moisturizer vs normal conditioner). Sometimes, I also use Vidal Sasoon for curly hair. But anyway, I have curly hair and I often have a bad hair day when it's too dry. Some time I really wish I could have normal straight hair. Hahahaha. You know you feel your neighbour's grass is always looked greener. Have a nice day.

Friday, March 23, 2012

I Guess I'm Having Too Much

I think I am having too much of these...

Gee... I have been collecting them since four months ago, I think. And,,, I still want to have more and more.

If you ask me what my favorite one is, I'll probably choose "OPI - Planks A Lot" (a purple one) or "OPI Kiss on the Chic" (a nude pink pastel at the top right corner). Not to mention that I've got lot of compliments wearing "OPI - Tickle My France-y" and "Chanel - June".

But, I'm wearing nail polish based on my mood and my outfit also. I think wearing a dark polish can make the outfit more edgy. And it'll be much nicer to wear pink nail polish with the cute dress. Hahaha, again it's back to your personal taste and choice.

-Wearing OPI Happy Anniversary (I think it's a nice silver color). And call me an awkward since I love to read detective story-

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The "it" Dress

The first time I saw this dress, I instantly love this dress soooooo much. Hahaha, not to mention about the color, but the pattern and the collar are so cute. Here are the pictures (thanks to my friend who kindly took the pictures, he is surely talented).

 -Wearing OPI Shorts Story for the pink nail-

 -The color is quite contrast between the tosca and the yellow-

 -My favorite shoes all the time! It's so comfy-

 -Zara Dress; Zara Shoes; H&M bracelet, Kate Spade bag-

-And this is the favorite picture! A candid one saying like "I'm leaving" hehehe-

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Purple Candy Mani

I think purple is new favorite color! And my latest temptation is the new polish ( I collected around 40 in the last 3 months). So, here is the result for both of them : purple candy mani. The glitters make it more yummy like candy. It really cheers me up. You should try this with your favorite color. =D

 -Purple Candy Nail Art-

 -OPI Rumple Wiggin' - Orly Fantasea - Nubar Hyacinth - LA Art Deco Silver Glitter-

 -Happy Purple-