Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pot Full of Gold

Hahaha, I don't know where the title idea came from, just write what's on my mind. I am wearing gold pants and top, which similiar to bronze color too I think. Actually I really enjoy wearing oversized top with skinny pants. However, some of my friends say that it makes me look very skinny. Is it? I eat a lot lately, but it's so hard to gain weight. :'(

Anyway, can't get enough thank you for you who added my online shop at facebook and gave all the good luck and feedbacks. Means a lot to me! =D =D 

- Hellio Bronze Oversized Knit Top; Zara Gold Pants; Guess Wedges; Miss Selfridge Clutch -

- Look nerd nerd and nerd with the glasses and the bangs. But sometimes, I do like different style. -

- Really love this knit top :D -

- Have a nice weekend, guys! Wish we all have a big pot full of gold! Yeaayy -

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Loella Lo

Heiii.. How are you doing? I've just launched my online shop called "Loella Lo". Mind the last name please, I wanted to make it "shop" but unfortunately I couldn't do it in facebook, so ended up using "Lo". Hahaha, but that's okay. Anyway, please take a look at the collection, and if you are kind enough to add me as a friend in facebook, I'll gladly appreciate it sooooooooooo much. Thank you for the help! =D

It's fresh from the oven, still a small  business too that is shipping across Indonesia. But, I'm so happy to sell clothes that I really like, even it's just online. ;) Here are some of the collections : 

- Catherine Lace Dress in White (belt excluded) -

- Zelda dress in aqua (belt included) -

- Zelda Dress in Purple (belt included)

- Sophia A-Line Dress -

- Yvone Loose Outerwear -

- Esther Dress -

- Kate cotton top with lace details -

- Kendal Mullet Skirt -

- Tara Bunny Tee -

More Collection : visit

Really really appreciate if you ADD me as a friend! And I love you if you buy from me (hahaha, just kidding) Thank youuuuuu :D

With Love,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lovely Floral Dress

A short post about a new floral dress that I've bought from Zara. A very lovely floral dress, isn't it? Perfect for summer time at the beach, with straw hat and sunglasses. I'm dreaming of it now. Hahaha. :)

- Dress from Zara -

Monday, April 23, 2012

Effortlessly Stylish With Loose Outerwear

You know I really like buying a loose outerwear for some kind of reasons. It can make me look chic without too much effort! I often wake up and don't know what to wear that day, so I usually try this kind of style with loose outerwear. Somehow, I do really enjoy this kind of simple style.

The loose outerwear can be vary in the model and can be made from chiffon or cotton. You can pick by your own, just make sure the fabric is quite light and of course it's loose (not tight). Moreover, my friends often say that this loose outerwear can add more volume to my body shape. I am such a skinny person (I think my BMI is only 15 something), so this is such a great compliment for me.

So here are some looks from me wearing three different loose outerwears :
- With Black Tank-Top and  Zara Black Skinny Jeans -

- With Black Tank-Top and Cotton On Black Bodcycon Skirt -

So, here are some tips from me to wear loose outerwear :
  • Pair it with one tone of color to look more simple (I usually pick black color that is quite netral).
  • Suggest to pair it with tight outfit (skinny jeans, bodycon skirt or dress, or lycra top), because the loose outerwear has already gave a big volume.
  • Don't forget to wear statement necklace so it won't look too plain. Wearing high heels also can help to make the look more chic. ;)
- Ready to go! -

Anyway, these are just my thoughts about the loose outerwear, based on my experience and everyday style.   I do really like simple and sweet outfit. You can agree or disagree, and you can stlyle it with your own way. Hope it helps! :D

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Blue Me Away

Hey! It's another weekend again! Whew... I don't know why it is so fast, maybe because I am quite busy  lately. And the bad news is the air-con in my room is broken. *sigh. It's so hot here now. You can see my face is those pictures below, it's actually a face that is going to melt eventually because of the heat! Hahhaha! kidding. ;)

And... It's another simple outfit with a skirt! Hahaha. The blue color really gives a pop. Just blue me away, eh? 

- This skirt reminds me of a sailor! hahaha -

- Black Top, Blue Sailor Skirt, Zara Blue Heels, (X)SML necklace, H&M bracelet -

Anyway, I'm quite sleepy at the moment, so I think I will reply all the comments tomorrow. Please don't mind! I'm going to reply all the comments tomorrow, I promise. Have a good night and a fab weekend, guys! :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vibrant Outfit

Hello! Thanks for you all who gave input to buy mint color jeans instead of yellow one. Last Saturday, I ended up buying the jeans andddd... falling in love with a new arrival of Kate Spade bag. Haih... You know the rest of the story by looking at the pictures below. Hahahaha!

So here is my look wearing my new jeans and bag. It's actually a simple outfit, but the color and the bag give vibrant look. I think we all love colors for this season! At first, I wanted to wear high heels, but apparently I don't have any heels with soft pastel color (Going to add it in next my wish list) so I choosed the ballerina flats.

- H&M Pink Stipes T-Shirt, Zara Mint Jeans, Rubi Pink Ballerina Flats, Kate Spade Bag - 

- The bag is so pretty right? I love the color and also the model. :D -

- Have a nice day, people!! -

Monday, April 16, 2012

Go Fighting, Again! =)

Hi! Monday has already come again. Hope your weekend was good. Let's go fighting for this week, again! :)

I'm wearing a black outfit again, after the colorful outfit post. And I am wearing a mullet skirt again! Hahahaha, I don't know why I like to wear it. Maybe because, I am feeling like I have a wing when I am walking. :D

- You know, I'm kindda struggling right now, but eventually I know I'm going to survive. Cheers and have a big smile to fight the day! -

- Gray Velvet Top, black mullet skirt, Mata-Mata gold necklace, H&M black bracelet, (X)SML purple ring, Guess black wedges-

- A BIG smileeeee... =D -

Anyway, finally I changed my blog title two days ago, if you notice. The previous one seems meaningless for me. Have a nice day! ;)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Teenage Dream

It's another hot day in Jakarta! This time, I am wearing a summer outfit that makes me feel like back into a teenage (only in my dream : you wish you were 17 again, Yess). Hahaha. But anyway, I am just craving to go to the beach in a summer time like this, that is where the outfit idea comes from. =)

- Feel like back to a teenage again with these colors and style -

- Zara Yellow Top & Sandals, Pink Shorts (that look like a skirt) : bought in China -

- F21 Yellow Bracelet & Cross Necklace, H&M Black Bracelet & Ring -

Have a nice weekend!! =D

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Pastel Nails

Hello, people! How are you? I think I am in a happy mood lately, so I changed my dark purple nails into these spring pastel nails! Hahahaha, turns out I really like those nails. For some kind of reasons, my mood affects my outfit and my nails' color too. Do you often feel the same way too?

- Look at the rings! Those two stacks of rings are showing a boy who is trying to give flowers to the girl. So sweet, right? -

- OPI "Banana Bandana" as the yellow base; OPI "Rumple Wiggin" as the purple dots and the tips -

Random question,, should I buy yellow color jeans or mint color jeans? Hahahaha, I'm so confused. Anyway, have a nice weekend!! It's TGIF now. =D

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Is It Better With the Skirt or Pants?

Lately I really like sleeveless shirt, especially with details at the collar like this shirt that I'm wearing. I bought it for quite affordable price in Sash. And here is the battle between the skirt and the pants... Is it beter wearing the shirt with the skirt or pants?

- Sash Black Shirt, Cotton On Belt, Midi Skirt, Zara Gold Pants, Steve Madden Heels -

Ended up, I think the skirt is better, because I think it's too simple wearing the pants. So here is the look : 
- Also picking the skirt because a friend said that it was better with a skirt :) -

- Never thought that I would wear skirt like this before -

- I really like the detail of this shirt's collar! -

- Using OPI "Dutch Ya Love OPI" a dark purple with a little gold shimmer -

Have a nie day, people!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, all! Wearing this white dress in the spirit of easter. You know, I really love a simple and sweet outfit, so this dress is a lovely one for me. It has a cute flower pattern and perfectly fit me.

At that time, I hesitated whether to buy or not to buy this Zara dress. My friends said that this dress was too simple for that kind of price (note that I've already had similiar dress like this), and surely I would wear it rarely. But the tempation won at that time, so I bought the dress. *sigh* And now I am feeling that they are somehow right, I rarely wear this dress. Hahahahaa. Anyway, this is a lovely summer dress after all (trying to make me feel better). ;)

Hope you can enjoy the spring summer this year! :)
- I'm using remote if you can see... Hope it doesn't bother. Hehehe -

-It's a very nice necklace, isn't it? :D -

- Meet my one and only bear -

-It's so cute, right?? :) -

- Happy Easter, everyone! Stay Blessed -

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Touch of Pink

How are you, people? Hope you are good. Actually, I have not-so-good mood this week. One of my friends always says that life is full of ups and downs. Maybe this is the down time for me, but I know it's only temporary. As long as I'm healthy and the sun is still shining, life goes on. Today is not good, tomorrow will be better. :)

Today I'm wearing a black outfit. Hahaha, maybe it represents my mood, but I put pink accessories to give a little touch of color. It's a nice dress, I always love this kind type of dress. I think I have many dresses like this.

- Black Lace Dress, Miss Selfridge Clutch & Belt, Pedro Shoes -

- I am not into black color actually, make me skinnier I think... Do you think so? -

- Have had that little cross necklace for 20 years I guess. It was from my mom -

- Always love laces -

- Have a nice long weekend! -

With Love,

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Mullet Skirt

I have to admit that I am not really good in mix and match, that's why I prefer to have simple outfit or simple dress. But practices make perfect, you know. So, I am trying to have mix and match with one skirt, a mullet skirt (it has been a trend recently). Anddd... you can see the result, it's still simple outfit. Hahahaha.
-The four looks with the same mullet skirt and bracelet-

1. With the Long Cardigan : I think this outfit is best for going out to have dinner. The cotton material makes it not too formal. And don't forget to add the tiny belt.  
- Zara Long Black Cardigan, H&M Tank, Mango Bow Belt, Dorothy Perkins Clutch, Zara Heels -

 2. With the Lace Top : This is very simple and sweet outfit. You know, I love lace so much, until one of my friends told me to stop buying lace outfit. Hahahaha.
- Unbranded Pink Top, (X)SML Necklace, Rubi Ballet Shoes-

 3. With the Black Top : I think this is my favorite one! I think the mullet skirt is a perfect match with a sleveless top (halter neck, turtle neck, tube top, you can name it). Just add some accessories there.
- Invio Black Top, Unbranded Necklace, Guess Wedges, Miss Selfridge Clutch -

 4. With a Casual Shirt : This is so simple, I just paired it with the simple white top for a lazy and simple day outfit. However, adding heels and a belt could make a difference.
- Top Shop White Top, Cotton On Belt, Zara Heels -

Happy Sunday, everyone! :)