Tuesday, May 22, 2012

That was Then & This is Now

I like to listen to Katy Perry's song "Part of Me' nowadays. Since I think I do have the same situation like that, but who cares... That was then, this is now. I don't want to look back anymore. This week has been so good to me, so I am really enjoying life now. :)

- Loella Lace Top, Cotton On Stripes Skirt, Zara Pumps -

- I do think editting photos with instagram is really easy and I really like the result -

- Check our new collection of Loella : HERE -

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lace Over Lace

Happy Saturday everyone! :)

Have you ever faced situation like me : when I really want to buy pretty shoes (really search and need), but ending up with no-good-shoes, but finding an extraordinary bag instead! But, when I really want to buy a bag, it always ends up with buying clothes or shoes (I can't find a single good bag). Seems like the good stuffs are never there when you need/search them, but they always shows up when you don't need/search them.

That's the awkward moment I always face when I do shopping. Is this also happened to the other things? But people always say to save the best for the last. Have a nice weekend! :D

- (X)SML Necklace, Schutz Clogs, 3 Mongkis Black Lace Dress, Loella Cream Lace Top -

- Cream Lace Top Over a Black Lace Dress :) -


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Anjolee Jewelry

Every woman loves jewelry and diamond. Well, who doesn't? I always tempt to buy jewelry, not because they are soooo pretty (to look at and wear), but it's a good worth of investment also. Unfortunately, many of us (like me) hesitate to buy jewelry, because we can't customize the metal type, the size, the carat, or the quality of the diamond which is related to the price (or budget) as well. We certainly don't want to waste lots of money for bracelet or ring that is too big for us, or diamond that too-out-of-budget.

Anjolee is giving solutions for that! We can have our own brand new jewelry based on our preference and budget.

-  With Anjolee, we can customize the metal type (yellow gold, white gold, or platinum with 10k, 14k, or 18k), item length, gem stone type, and total carat weight & diamond quality -

I have already visited www.anjolee.com and found out lots of interesting diamond jewelry there, like Diamond EarringsStud EarringsTennis Bracelet, etc. The website is very user-friendly for us to create and customize our own jewelry like I said above. We can buy the diamond with confidence also, since Anjolee issues its own Certificate of Authenticity for each diamond jewelry item ordered. Plus, we can get Sterling Silver Pendant and a luxurious box with every purchase. Moreover, they offer free shipping across US, and 30-day return policy. Certainly a good deal!

Those are what I found at Anjolee :
- Pretty earrings, pendants, and bracelets!!-
- I really loveeee the bracelets above! We can customize any gem stone that we want, I choose Amethyst or Topaz! Very lovely color, isn't it? :D -

- Diamond Bolero Tie Necklace : You know you should have this kind of fashion necklace, it's really gorgeous!- 

So, what are you waiting for? Go have some FUN, pick your favourite jewelry, customized by your own, and grab it at www.anjolee.com.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Mustard to Go

Hi there! How is it going with life? Hope everything is fine. I am not in the mood to write lots of things right now, so I am going to share the pictures of today's outfit. Wearing a mustard top from Zara. Will reply all of your comments and thoughts soon. :)

- I think I am addicted with that kind of skirt!!! What am I supposed to do? :S -

- This is my favorite clucth ever! I think the age is about 3 years, but still in excellent condition :D -

- Zara Mustard Top, Loella Mullet Skirt, Zara Heels, Charles & Keith Envelope Clutch, Unbranded Necklace & Gold Bracelet -

- Editing the photos with instagram! It's very niceeeeee... :D Next time will surely posting with this!-

Have a nice day,

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Simple and Casual

When we are in the mood not to dress up,,, simple, comfortable, and casual outfit is always being a choice. Jeans, cotton t-shirt, shorts, flats, or sandals are the best choices. The important thing is we are comfortable with the outfit.

Anddd... I am in this kind of lazy-to-dress-up-mood right now, so here is the outfit that I am wearing : jeans, cotton tank, and flats (though I added some accessories to make it not too simple). 

- The colors make the outfit not too simple, still.... it is a simple outfit! hahaha -

- The yellow necklace is my current favorite! You know, I only bought it for only 50k IDR at a bazaar stand (in Kelapa Gading Mall). The color is so sweet like candy. So happy!! =D -

  - Loella Cotton Tank Top; 3 Mongkis Pink Knit Cardigan; Zara Jeans; Kate Spade Bag; Rubi Flat Shoes; Unbranded Necklace and bracelets -

Beside of the lazy mood time, I always wear simple outfit when I go shopping groceries, going somewhere near home, or even go bargaining something (you know, you should dress up very simple when you want to bargain something. If you dress up too fancy, you will end up with a rip-off. Hahahaha). In the end, it depends on my mood and the place that I want to go.  

Have a nice day! =D

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Something Mint

Heiiii... It's already Saturday. What are you guys doing during weekend? Ah, I am still staying at home, taking a rest. Thinking to have lazy Saturday and Sunday. Hahahaha.

Anyway, I am wearing a really beautiful mint dress here. I really love the mint color and how it flies when I am walking. Hahaha. 

-I 'kidnap' this dress from Loella's collection. It's so pretty that I can't resist to have it for my own. Hahaha-

- Love this dress so much -

- Loella Mint Asymmetrical Dress; Charles & Keith Wedges; Unbranded Necklace & Bracelet -

Anyway, I think I am going to have a dinner and take a rest now, hope you enjoy the weekend. I will reply all the comments at midnight or tomorrow. Have a nice weekend! :D


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pretty Little Tops

Sharing you the newest collections from Loella. Here are five pretty little tops. Which one is your most favorite? 

For me, I think I'll pick Laura Top since I love the pink color. Anyway, please forgive the swollen eyes,,, I had been very sick (and only slept for 1 hour) the day before I took these pictures. Thanks God, I am better now. 

- Bianca Top in Peach; Kendal Mullet Skirt in Black -

- Laura Chiffon Top in Pink : 138k  & Heather lace shorts -

- Naima Chiffon Top -

- Christie Chiffon Top -

- Shally Lace Shirt -

Additional Info : visit http://www.facebook.com/loellashop
Have a nice day!! =D