Friday, March 29, 2013

That Tiger Sweater

Hellow! Today at this post, I wanna show you my favorite sweater dress. I don't know why I love it so much, but sometimes we love without reasons right? ;)

I was kindda in the mood for black color at that time I visited Bursa. Almost all of my outfits were black (black dress, black scarf, black leggings, black bag, &... black hair eh?). Anyway, I really like my pictures back in Bursa. It was a pleasant trip to shop at the silk market too. I ended up buying a silk scarf & a cotton scarf in yellow color. At the end of the day, I really like neon colors, especially yellow. Maybe we need colors to add into our plain black. 

- That tiger sweater dress :D - 

- My black outfit vs my friend's colorful outfit -

 - Zara sweater dress, Uniqlo scarf, Pull & Bear boots -

- Outside the Bursa silk market -

 - Blue Eyes. It is really adorable -

- Inside the Bursa silk market - 

 - AND... I changed the scarf into the yellow one! Hahahaha Do you think it's better? -

 - Figurines-

- Colorful scarves! ;) -

- Have a nice long week end! -


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  2. Hello Yess! Long time no see you haha, I like that tiger sweater too! About the black or yellow scarf.. hmm I can't decide which is better. I love them both ;)
    Have a nice long weekend too!

  3. Keep stunning, dear :)

  4. beautiful blog:) looks like you do a lot of traveling, lucky!

  5. black rules jst like old-school ;) awesome trip anw!


  6. I really like your style. Really cool, I'm serious.

    thank you very much :)

  7. seems like it is a nice place! love the tiger sweater <3 anyway, where can i contact you? i wanna ask you about a collaboration project, thanksss