Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hong Kong,,, I'm in Love

Hong Kong,,, I'm in love. Yes! Hahahaha. :D

I really love Hong Kong. The view is pretty with the sea and the mountain, plus the mesmerizing city light at night. It is very easy to travel within the city using the MTR. It has clean environment & nice people. And last but not least, the city is shopping paradise. Yup! That's why I love HK. 

I went to HK last month. It was a pleasant and memorable trip. It was summer back then, so it was so hot. But the good thing is I love the fashion during summer. Can't say enough for the shopping trip. Anyway I didn't bring my camera there, since I thought it was just only for a shopping trip and get around with friends there. I only used my iphone for the pictures. Here are some random pictures there. 

 - HK view from Ozone rooftop bar -
- Food Gallery!! The ramen (Butao Ramen) is very delicious :D -

- Save the best part at the last... It is SO pretty right -

Good night. Have a nice day ahead. ;)